*university voice* unfortunately… we have too much money… so we have to raise tuition so we can build a place to keep all the other money in… so sorry unavoidable

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My brain is so dumb

I keep thinking like, Do I HAVE everything I NEED to OWN A HORSE????

Dipshit, you already own a horse.

You are WAY MORE EDUCATED this time around, you already have most of what you NEED barring possibly a different size girth and blankets.

I can dig out Ollie’s old Woof boots and Eskadrons that have been in storage for years now, I have spare halters and lead ropes SOMEWHERE, if I scrounge around I can find what I need. Ollie’s bridle will fit the new guy, and my saddle will work for now until I upgrade. I have a collection of bits now that I can try out.

I think it’s more of feeling totally unprepared because I DON’T KNOW WHERE MY THINGS ARE. When Ollie was at our old barn (where I’m going to keep the new guy), I had a full size locker that had all of my worldly horsey possessions in it. Things got moved around during the move to Wilson because their lockers were a third of the size of our home barn’s. Then of course things went into storage once I realized I couldn’t ride my horse anymore…

On top of that, my brain is struggling to organize having things for two horses at two separate barns. Basically that means I have to scrounge up a second grooming box but like I said, I already own most of what I’ll need.

The only thing I’m concerned about is blankets, really… hopefully new horse will be able to fit into Ollie’s hand-me-downs, because I think Ollie has definitely grown. So that way I could just buy new blankets for Ollie. BUT new horse does have a longer back than Ollie, so I’m not sure if he’ll be a 78 either. So I might have to sell my 78s and get all new wardrobes for TWO horses… gulp.

PS I DON’T EVEN OWN THIS HORSE YET. I just like to stress and freak out about nothing. I’m going to try him again tomorrow morning and if I still love him I’m making a deposit. WISH ME LUCK.


Cat quacks when his owner coughs

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#yard sard pt 2my son…


#yard sard pt 2

my son…

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Someday my Ogilvy will ship…………. someday………..


nail polish on fingernails: 2 days
nail polish on toenails: 200 years. ur ghost will have glittery toes. ur descendants will come out of the womb w/ revlon 791 midnight affair perfectly applied. infinite

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so inconsiderate

i was just talking about this video the other day omfg

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probably not that

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Just when I thought Ollie was going to be quiet enough for my parents to handle… he was kind of a jerk yesterday. The cooler fall weather definitely got to him. He was on edge the whole time I was there and I definitely could have used a chain shank if he hadn’t BROKEN his last month.

I did feel bad for him though, he acted up most when we approached the gravel driveway. His poor little bare feet just don’t like it. So to protest, he would take off in a circle around me at the trot. He managed to do that 3 times before I forced him out onto the gravel… like sorry dude, there’s no other way to get to the barn, you HAVE to walk on it. He really does not want to be barefoot but he’s 100% fine on grass and keeping shoes on a field boarded, retired horse just doesn’t make sense. If I was riding him, sure. But I’m not. He’d just pull his shoes and tear off chunks of foot and make things worse for himself.

But yeah, like I said, he looks great on the grass. We jogged back out to his field after I bathed & fly sprayed him and you honestly couldn’t tell he’s supposed to be broken. 

I ALSO tried horses yesterday morning!!! And I liked one!!! First I rode a little dark bay 3y/o TB who honestly looked JUST like a baby Ollie. Even my dad said so. He was a good ride, nothing BAD, but his canter just wasn’t as naturally balanced as I liked and they were asking quite a bit for him. 

They brought out a second horse while I was riding the first, and I honestly didn’t think he was for sale. I thought it was just a boarder coming out to ride, but NOPE, he was for me! He was the horse that the owner thought I would like the most, and well… I did. His name is Andy and he’s a 4y/o OTTB. Bay, 16.2, star. He has cosmetic scarring on his right front from getting caught in an electric fence last winter… the story really sounded horrific, he got stuck and it kept zapping him, and then it broke off and was stuck to his leg as he galloped around. He needed stitches for it but supposedly no soft tissue or bone damage. Of course I’m going to vet the crap out of it just to make sure, but I do trust this lady and there were no bumps on the leg. Just a white scar.

He went BN at Frying Pan Park over the summer and is ready to join a program and get going. Riding him was awesome. He’s SO smooth, I was floating the whole time. His jump was round and powerful. We jumped a 2’6” ish oxer and it didn’t even phase him, he couldn’t have cared less about it. Unfortunately they didn’t have any courses set up in their arenas, just a single fence. He’s a little strong- my half halts were not always effective, and he liked to GO. But it wasn’t a “run off with you” go. It was just a “I’m going to slow down but not stop entirely” go. I think it will be an easy fix, though. I just have to get him used to me and what I’m asking.

My trainer liked the videos I sent to her. She said he has some typical tenseness of a TB not long off the track, but he tracks up nicely and his jump is fluid and effortless. She said there’s no reason I shouldn’t go through with it.

I’m trying to go out again on Tuesday for a “second look” and as long as I still like him, I’m going to make the deposit and schedule a vet check. I hope it works out!!!!

King of the hill
This was after all of his friends cantered out to greet him. He bit them and chased them away. Rude.

King of the hill

This was after all of his friends cantered out to greet him. He bit them and chased them away. Rude.



What kind of noise is that supposed to be, Luna?

This is 100% worth sharing again.  It’s one of my favorite videos of all time.

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